Stargate Lyric Challenge
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Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis lyric based icon challenge community.

Your moderators are jacksrubberduck and amanda_is_wacky aided by georgierae.

Each challenge consists of the lyrics from a song. SG-1 and Atlantis challenges use the same lyrics each week but voting for each show is posted seperately.

Challenges are posted on Sunday nights 22:00 GMT.
They run for 7 days and are closed on Sunday nights 21:00GMT.

Voting runs from Sunday night through to Tuesday 22:00 GMT.

All times are approximate, subject to change and will depend on which mod is running the current challenge.

Breaking of the rules is punishable by automatic disqualification of the entrant from the current challenges.

*Icons must conform to the standard Livejournal requirements for user pics. That's no more than 100x100 pixels square and no more than 40KB in file size. Animations are permitted.

*Icons must be made specifically for the challenge they are entered into. No recycling of icons or bases previously used, posted or shared is permitted.

*DO NOT share or post using your entry until the voting on the challenge it is entered into has closed and winners have been announced. Doing so will be viewed as self-promotion.

*Do not campaign or encourage friends to vote for your entries in an attempt to boost your chances of winning.

*You are not allowed to vote for your own entries.

*Each entry must include 3 consecutive words directly quoted from that challenge's song lyrics. Do not rearrange the words to create new sentences.

*You may enter up to 3 icons per show in each challenge. That's 3 SG-1 entries and 3 SGA entries.

*Our spoiler policies: This community allows any images from seasons 1-3 of SGA and seasons and all 10 seasons of SG-1. For the time being SGA S4 images are not permitted.

*Enter icons by posting comments to the challenge post. You must include your icon itself and a seperate working URL for your icon in your comment.
Photobucket offers free image hosting that allows hotlinking.
The code for posting an image and a URL is as follows:

Entries should be clearly marked either SG-1 or SGA.
We don't mind whether you post all your entries both SG-1 and SGA in one comment or if you seperate them out into different comments (including if you make a second or third entry later after you have posted an intial entry).

Comments will be screened.

*Play nice and respect your fellow members. We're all here to have fun after all!

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sg_lyrical is part of a small group of song lyric based challenge comms in sci-fi fandoms. Our sister communities are bsg_lyrical for Battlestar Galactica challenges and firefly_lyrical for Firefly challenges.