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Why hello there...

Had you forgotten all about us?

I realise that we've been AWOL for about 6 months now and that even then we were suffering from a somewhat dwindling response to challenges.

However I'd like to resurrect sg_lyrical and am curious as to how many of our existing members would be interested and consider participating.

Kind of an lj show of hands. Just leave a comment so I can see you're there. :)

SG1 Voting Challenge 64

Sorry about the huuuuuge delay, people!

but i suppose it didn't really matter all that much- still only had a few entries :(


Vote for your top three favorites and your nomination for 'best application' (labelled separately) of lyric to icon.

Votes in a comment to this post. Comments will be screened. Voting closes Wednesday at 11pm GMT (-5 EST).

No voting for your own icons.

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dork - dork!verse sam sg-1

Challenge 64

I am *really* sorry about the delay folks!

I somehow managed to catch 'flu and spent the beginning of this week huddled up in bed wishing my head would stop trying to explode.

Better late than never!

Anyway as of this challenge you can now use screen caps from all episodes up to and including 10x10 (The Quest part 1) of SG-1 and 3x10 (The Return part 1) of SGA.
Challenge 64:

Rules are in the user info.

You may enter 3 icons per show. All icons must include at least 3 consecutive and directly quoted words fro the lyrics.

Entries in a *clearly labelled* comment to THIS post and this post ONLY. Comments will be screened.

Challenge closes approx 10pm GMT Sunday 18th March.

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Resuming usual service!

Apologies for the delay folks!

The ever interfering Real Life got in the way again.

We will be returning to our usual schedule with a new challenge posted tomorrow.

Change to the current spoiler policy allows caps up to episode 10 of season 3 of SGA and season 10 of SG-1 ('The Return part 1' and 'The Quest part 1' respectively).

See you tomorrow!

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